Downtown Development

Development in Downtown Castle Rock

Wild Blue Yonder, Riverwalk and soon, Encore. These projects are now names common to the Castle Rock vernacular. But look back a decade, and you would find in those places buildings that were past their prime.

Downtown Castle Rock is teeming with energy. There are hundreds of new residents and strong local businesses – fresh and established – keeping the heart of our nearly 140-year-old community vibrant. And, it’s all occurring by design.

Development has been cultivated in Downtown Castle Rock for more than a decade. Learn more about the Plan of Development for Downtown on the Downtown Castle Rock website.

Planning helped pave the way for the first new residences Downtown in decades, at Mercantile Commons and Riverwalk.

Downtown is an appropriate location within the community for denser housing, which serves smart growth goals, offering opportunities for water conservation and efficient service delivery.

The new residences Downtown are serving a market need, as well as feeding the area’s economic engines, bolstering local businesses.

The reimagined Festival Park serves as an anchor in the area, offering opportunities to interact with neighbors and celebrate our community’s unique character.

A vibrant Downtown is not only vital to our community character – it’s also helpful in bringing more and better jobs throughout Town, another of the community’s goals.

View a map of recent and upcoming developments in Downtown Castle Rock, and stay up to date on others to come by visiting the Downtown Castle Rock website.