Reuse Water

Changes in population and climate are affecting water supply and demand throughout Colorado – and the globe. However, Castle Rock Water has already begun to secure a strong water future by diversifying our sources of supply.

In addition to supplementing our groundwater with local and imported renewable water, Castle Rock Water will utilize reuse water beginning in 2019. Some irrigation customers, like the golf course, will receive non-potable (irrigation) reuse water in 2019.  The Town will supplement our drinking water with purified reuse water in 2020.
Ducks in Plum Creek

The Town has been planning for reuse of water to which we own the water rights since 2006. Until now, this water has gone downstream as a convenient and effective supply for other towns and cities. Reuse water will ultimately constitute about one-third of our Town’s water supply.

Reuse water involves producing safe drinking water from wastewater. Once water has been used in our homes and businesses, it flows to the water reclamation facility, where it is treated to regulatory standards and then released into East Plum Creek. Castle Rock will recapture this water downstream and transport it to the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility, where it will go through advanced treatment to meet or surpass water purity standards.

Castle Rock has worked closely with WateReuse Colorado and other water industry experts on identifying the technological processes and regulations for reuse. Castle Rock started with a detailed basis of design and bench scale laboratory study to design the needed treatment processes. The full report is available. Additionally, Castle Rock Water conducted a pilot project in summer 2018. This trial identified specific water treatment processes, conducted analysis of water quality, and provided logistical calibration. At that time, our state-certified plant operators began training for new equipment and testing requirements. Construction for the advanced treatment processes at Plum Creek Water Purification Facility is scheduled for completion in late 2020.

Reuse water may be our most cost-effective and environmentally sound water supply. Reuse water is economical because we do not have to purchase new water, nor pump it from great distances. By not mining water from deep underground and pulling excessive amounts from the creek, there are minimal disruptions to the ecosystem. Since we are using water that is already available, reuse water is also a more drought-resistant source of supply.

Reuse water is the next step in water supply and communities across Colorado and the Nation are integrating reuse into their water supply portfolio. In February 2019, the EPA announced the development of a National Water Reuse Action Plan to incorporate reuse into federal policy. Read more in Headwaters magazine on how Castle Rock and other Colorado communities are making reuse water a safe, reliable and sustainable drinking water supply. Discover how WaterReuse is helping water reuse be a standard across the globe.

Planning for Reuse

Plum Creek Water Purification Facility is currently under construction to add the Advanced Treatment processes. Garney Co. was awarded the contract for $28,452,538 with construction to be completed by Dec. 2020.

Advanced Treatment process

It’s safe

Castle Rock Water operates under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Any water, regardless of where it comes from, must meet strict local, state and federal regulations. However, Colorado and many other states are currently establishing new regulations and processes regarding reuse water. Castle Rock is installing advanced treatment, which will provide redundancy in processes and address contaminants like pharmaceuticals and personal care products that get into rivers and creeks.

  • There are proven, science-based treatment processes used to purify the water to a level that is safe to drink. 
  • Water is purified through multi-barrier processes, ensuring that no single process is solely responsible for the removal of any single contaminant.
  • Purified water will be tested in real time, with online sensors, and will be strictly monitored by local and state entities.
  • Purified water will comply with or surpass strict state and federal drinking water standards. 
  • The purification process produces water that is purer than most bottled waters. 
  • Purified water is proven safe, as it is currently used to supplement drinking water in many communities in the United States and around the world.

It’s reliable

Purified reuse water provides a locally controlled, more drought-proof water supply. Purified water is independent of climate or weather in other locations. This water is already in our community and easily accessible.  

  • Purified water enhances our water supply reliability and helps protect us from droughts by diversifying supply sources.
  • Purified water provides our community with a constant source of water.
  • Reuse water can be used over and over.
  • It is cheaper and easier to clean water that our community already has than to purchase, transport and treat new water from north of Denver.

It’s sustainable

Using advanced purified water is good for the environment. The more recycled water we use instead of other sources, the less we have to take out of rivers, streams and our scarce deep groundwater supplies.

  • The less water taken from rivers and lakes is good for the fish, plants and wildlife that rely on it. 
  • Just as recycling glass, plastic and paper is the right thing to do, so is recycling our most precious resource, water.
  • Reuse water will allow other sources, such as groundwater and reservoirs, to recharge.
  • Using recycled water is a less energy-consumptive process, which reduces our carbon footprint as well as our water footprint.