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  1. Is there new information about the Castle Oaks development near Ridge Road and Plum Creek Parkway?
  2. Are there plans to develop the east side of I-25, near Castle Rock Parkway?
  3. I made a purchase at a Castle Rock grocery store and noted there were 3 sales tax items shown: 4%, 3.9% & 2.9%. I thought Castle Rock’s sales tax was 7.9% total. What is the breakdown for this 10.8%?
  4. Is there an effort to change how Castle Rock’s mayor is elected?
  5. Why is Castle Rock Water asking residents, HOAs, and commercial customers to conserve more water?
  6. Who owns the property on the southeast corner of Black Feather and Front Street (I'm front of the Black Feather condos)? And is there a possibility that will ever be developed?
  7. What is being built between Lowes and King Soopers? What retail store?
  8. What are the plans for the old hotel at the corner of Fifth and Perry?
  9. Last fall, Council approved the development plans for the Hillside Community on Wolfensberger Road and Coachline. What is the current status?
  10. Can you explain why Founders Village is a special Tax district and how money from this tax district is used? Thanks.
  11. Is Rock Park being re-zoned? What does that mean?
  12. Is the Town being sued about its solicitation ordinance?
  13. Is it true that there are plans to move the railroad tracks in 2020?
  14. Is it true that Castle Rock’s growth is bringing more crime?
  15. How is the Town planning to increase parking in the downtown area, to support the new businesses and planned residences, in addition to losing existing parking spaces?
  16. Is the open space at Mickelson & Lantern north of Matney Park going to be developed anytime soon?
  17. Is the land at the end if paved road on Ridge Rd next to the Tree Farm going to be developed soon for houses?
  18. I’ve heard Pit Bulls will no longer be banned. Is that true?
  19. How is the Town spending voter-approved TABOR revenue?
  20. What road construction is happening in Castle Rock?
  21. What is happening at Festival Park?
  22. What services are funded by local taxes?
  23. Where can I find out about the Town’s budget?
  24. How does development work in Castle Rock?
  25. How was the Town involved in funding the Promenade?
  26. When are Town Council meetings?
  27. How can I receive emails about Town happenings?
  28. Where can I learn about events and open houses?
  29. Is it possible to opt out of door-to-door solicitation?
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