Trails conditions and closures

Living in Colorado, we are lucky to see as many as 300 days of sunshine per year. While many people are excited to head out the door the second the sun peaks out, a trail may not be as ready as we are. Stay up-to-date by checking out the Town's trail conditions map or one of our trails blogs below before heading out.

Why are trail conditions important?

Hiking or biking on soft-surface trails when they’re muddy can severely damage the surface. The trails through Town are designed with drainage in mind, but during the snow / rainy season things may not drain properly. When there’s snow on the ground, and temperatures rise above freezing, the ground begins to thaw the top layers of soil. However, the ground below is still frozen. This doesn’t allow for proper drainage and can cause a moist and muddy surface. Walking, riding or hiking when it’s muddy can damage trails, requiring costly and time-consuming repairs. A good rule of thumb – if you see snow on the ground, stay off the soft-surface trail. The Town has more than 30 miles of concrete trails that are available year-round.

Visit our interactive trail condition map!

Interactive Trail map_med-plus

Check out our blog and give us feedback regarding current trail conditions!

Snow at Ridgeline

Trail closures

They say before things can get better, they have to get worse. Construction Downtown is making huge progress. Festival Park, the Town Hall Expansion and Riverwalk are all full-speed ahead. That's why the Town is asking for the public's patience as we undergo several closures to accommodate work and keep trail users safe.

Closure information

Learn more about the available detours.

Special events trail closures

  1. Philip S. Miller Park
    Date Event Time
    Sunday, May 21 Ridgeline Rampage All day
    Saturday, May 27 Rock Hawk Trail Race 8 a.m.-noon
    Wednesday, May 31 Race the MAC 5-8 p.m.
    Saturday, June 3 E-Rock Sunrise/Sunset All day
     Wednesday, June 7 Race the MAC 5-8 p.m.
     Wednesday, June 14 Race the MAC 5-8 p.m.
     Saturday, June 17 Castle Rock N' Run  7 a.m.-1 p.m.
     Wednesday, June 21 Race the MAC 5-8 p.m.
     Saturday, July 15 Reece's Round-up 7 a.m.-noon
     Sunday, Aug. 6  Xterra 8 a.m.-noon
     Friday, Oct. 6 Blue Loop - liveBIG run set-up noon-close
     Saturday, Oct. 7 Castle Rock Trail Festival 
    Challenge Hill - Castle Rock Trail Festival
     All day
    10 a.m.-noon

    Ridgeline Open Space
    Date Event Time
    Sunday, May 21 Ridgeline Rampage All day
    Saturday, May 27 Rock Hawk Trail Race 8 a.m.-noon
    Saturday, Oct. 7 Castle Rock Trails Festival All day
    All day
    Rock Hawk Trail Race