Election Districts

2018 election districts

Following the voter-approved change to the Town Charter, the Election Commission has drawn new Town Council district boundaries to transition from seven districts to six. The Election Commission approved the new 2018 Election District Map on June 11, 2018, and will present it to the public at the June 19, 2018, Town Council meeting.
The Election Commission last evaluated district boundaries in April 2015. Per the Town Charter, election districts will be evaluated again in 2021 and every six years after that, to achieve equal apportionment of electors within each district due to continued growth.  

Redistricting requirements

As required by Town Charter, election districts should reflect approximately the same number of registered voters within each district, and the maximum deviation between the most populous and the least populous district must be, at the time of evaluation, no more than 15 percent variance. 

Interim Council representative

In redistricting years, Councilmembers have usually continued to represent the district from which they were elected until new representatives are sworn in after the next election. Residents may continue to contact any Councilmember with concerns, or can use the 2015 Election District Map to determine which representative was elected from their area.

Town Council election in November

The 2018 Election District Map allows candidates to determine in which district they reside if they wish to run for an open seat at the Nov. 6, 2018, election. Councilmember seats for the new Districts 3 and 5, as well as the Mayor At-Large, will be chosen at that election.

Councilmembers are nominated and elected by voters within their district. Voters from all six districts and will elect the Mayor at-large to represent the entire Town's interests. View information on running for Council for additional details.

Election district maps