Community Safety Volunteers (CSV)

The mission of the Community Safety Volunteer (CSV) program is to provide an opportunity for residents to partner with the Castle Rock Police Department and support the efforts of sworn and civilian personnel.
The active participation of residents in support of law enforcement activities:
  1. Fosters close working relationships between law enforcement personnel and all residents
  2. Increases the quality of life for those living and working in Castle Rock
  3. Provides an avenue for residents to learn more about the community's needs and resources
  4. Provides better service to the community
A police officer shooting radar out of his open window in his police cruiser


The Community Safety Volunteer program is community policing in its most basic form. It is a structured way for residents to participate in helping provide for the safety and security of their own community.

Volunteers support the major activities of the Police Department, such as patrol, traffic and community policing, and activities where their unique expertise and / or life experience will be of benefit.

Volunteers attend a training academy consisting of more than 100 hours of field and classroom instruction and contribute a minimum of 16 hours of volunteer time each month after graduation.


The program has three broad goals:
  • Community relations
  • Neighborhood patrol
  • Officer support and assistance


Interested in becoming a member of our Community Safety Volunteers? Find out more about the CSV program by calling 303-814-6404 or email us.